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About Us


Where we started

Sidewalk Surfer was started in 1977 by Sandie Hamilton. In 1977, there was no place to buy skateboards aside from the local bicycle shops. Sandie saw the opportunity to open a "Skateboard only" shop and carry the products the kids wanted. 

Sidewalk Surfer started out in a 375 square foot shop and then moving to a 425 square foot shortly after. Eight years after our opening, the shop moved to Hayden and Thomas. 

Seven years later, In 1992, We moved to where we are now on Scottsdale Road. Sandie still owns the business but retired in 2005. Sidewalk Surfer is now managed by Dave, Tim, and Keven and they've worked together almost as long as Sidewalk Surfer has been around. 

We've been here for 41 years and there is a lot more to come. As long as there is skateboarding, we'll be here.